From 2004 to 2013 British author, researcher and collector, Adam McLean, amassed a collection of over 2600 tarot decks and images. At one time it was probably the largest in the world. He wanted this to be donated to a museum or library that would preserve it as a research resource into the artwork of tarot. This proved impossible, so in 2013 he began to sell off some specialist items to discerning collectors. He also lists some of the mass market tarots, together with books on tarot and related subjects such as alchemy and esoteric symbolism on his Amazon selling site.

His collection contains many rare items, some very small editions, hand made and sold by the artist. These are now almost impossible to find as they stay in the hands of collectors and only occasionally surface and fall into the hands of dealers. He had now set up this web site in order to sell items direct to collectors and others especially interested in tarot cards. By selling directly this cuts out the fees charged by Ebay and other marketing systems.

If you want to buy multiple items in the same order and consolidate the postage, I will refund you any excess.

Contact adam@alchemywebsite.com for more information, questions, etc.


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